Happy Pride! (and, send in your questions!)

pride monthHello lovelies!

Just wanted to give a little update, since we didn’t record an episode last weekend. Why, you ask? Because we were busy being good little lesbians, and had hit the road to go see Tegan and Sara at Toad’s in New Haven. They were amazing. And they were even BETTER on Tuesday when we saw them at Hammerstein Ballroom here in NYC!

Groupies much? Yes.

Anyway, this weekend, in the midst of all the NYC Pride madness, we’re going to record our third episode, and we need to hear from you! Not that we can’t think of plenty to talk about for 30 minutes, but is that really what anyone is here for? (Maybe? I don’t know.) The point is, send in your questions, don’t be shy, and we’ll answer them “on air” and you’ll get to find out what two random queer ladies think about whatever’s going on in your life. For free!

What a bargain.

You can tweet us, send me a tumblr ask, comment on this post, or send in an anonymous question to ask.fm/ediewyatt. Soon we’ll have a voicemail line set up so you can call in with your questions and thoughts and hear your voice on the show! So high-tech, and yet also kind of retro!

Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂



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