Episode 8: Happy Thanksgaying!

It’s Thanksgaying at the New Lesbian podcast and Elle is a little drunk! In this episode we talk about how we handled yet another family gathering in the pseudo-south, the continued annoyance of having to endlessly come out, and how much of our hiding our relationship might be coming from…ourselves? Then it’s Props and Peeves, where we rant a little too much about Amtrak trains. We recorded this episode late at night, so bear with us, lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lesbian couple denied hotel room in Hawaii

New Lesbian blog post: Coming Out… Again

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3 thoughts on “Episode 8: Happy Thanksgaying!

  1. hi ladies,
    good show this week. I appreciate you sharing the way that vibe you get from others can effect you without you even realizing it. you are right, it is exhausting wearing a mask and holding yourself in check around other people. that mask gets so heavy.
    i had hoped you would have called out the name of that hotel. the issue i have is that every hotel employee should understand it is their job to make their guests feel welcome. i hope you give some thought to maybe sending a letter to the company advising them to remind the fine folk at that location that creating a welcoming place to stay is their PRIMARY objective. the more we speak out, the better things will be for all of us.
    finally i wanted to say for reasons of distance and other circumstances, I spent this long holiday weekend alone. i don’t feel welcome by many of my family and i don’t have any friends where i live but listening to your podcast made me chuckle, so thank you.

    • Hi Penny! Thanks so much for writing in! I think that’s a really good idea, to write the hotel management. You’re so right that we have to speak up for things to get better, and I know personally I don’t do that enough.
      I’m sorry you couldn’t be with friends/family for Thanksgiving, but good for you for not being around people who you don’t feel good around! And I’m glad that our little show helped a bit! 🙂
      Would you be okay with us talking about your comment on air in the next episode? Let me know!

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