Episode 11: Advice from the Edge

In this episode of the podcast, we answer more great questions from you, including how to fight fair (spoiler alert: we don’t know!) and how to help a trans sibling. Then it’s Who Would You Do, where we learn about Edie’s obsession with Chopped on the Food Network. PLUS: A special offer from our favorite online underthings boutique, Bluestockings Boutique!! We love them.

Also appearing in this episode: Tequila; rogue low rumblings because we kept knocking against the table (sorry guys!)

Show Links

10 rules for friendly fighting


trans* help

“I Think I Might be Trans…Now What?” Pamphlet (Advocates for Youth)

Resources from PFLAG about supporting Trans family members

Bluestockings Boutique –enter code newlesbian for 15% off!

the Chopped judges

Edie in Marie Claire UK-buy the issue here

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