Episode 12-Much Gay. Very Questions.

We answer more fantastic questions from you lovelies, like: How do you meet gays in a conservative town? How can you tell if someone you’re into is gay? How do you tell a husband/boyfriend that your sexuality has shifted?? Then, Edie can’t help herself and gushes again about how powerful it is for us to share our stories with each other. Sharing is caring! Then, it’s Peeves and Props and Who Would You Do, and somehow we spend 20 minutes talking about Youtubers. Sorry, not sorry! #Hangrid, anyone???

We do our very best to answer your questions, but we want to hear from YOU! Share how you’ve handled issues like the ones we discuss in this episode in the comments at newlesbianpodcast.wordpress.com OR on ask.fm or twitter (links below). Tell us your experiences and we’ll share them on the show–let’s share what we’ve learned, and how we’ve coped. We can all help each other to not feel confused or alone. xx

Show Links:

Tumblrs for meetups: meet-me-at-gay | lesmeet

Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

Sense of Self with Hannah Hart  on YouTube (Hangrid magic)

My Drunk Kitchen: Gays of Thrones on YouTube (more Hangrid magic)

Diva Magazine feat. Hannah Hart

#hangrid on Tumblr

Flula on YouTube

Hannah Hart on YouTube

Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube

Mamrie Hart on YouTube

Ari Fitz on YouTube

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