Episode 14: Just Edie

What it says on the tin! It’s just Edie in this episode of the New Lesbian podcast, and she answers a listener question that has at some point been ALL of our question in the early stages of realizing that maybe we’re not-so-straight–how do I actually start dating women?? What do I say? What if I’m Bi? Is that ok? (Short answer: yes.) Then a mini-check in on Edie’s mental state, and a new segment, “Edie Reads” where she gets a little passionate about a book that you should really read. Like, now.


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Edie Reads…Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

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Episode 13: Queer Round Table

OMG you guys! Episode 13 is finally here, only a year late! Settle in for an hour+ conversation between Edie, Elle, and 5 of their closest friends about all things queer. We cover dating apps, the disappearance of gay spaces in New York, the politics of Fire Island, freedom (or not) from gender roles and labels in the world of same-sex relationships, and tons more.

Thanks so much to our brilliant, thoughtful friends for being on the show: Eric, Jay, Mere, Sean, and Zara!

Share your comments on anything you agree OR disagree with on the New Lesbian podcast website, or hit me up on twitter @edie_wyatt.

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